Star sapphires, belonging to the corundum category, are a sub-category of Sapphires and they have always been highly coveted and prized for their particular feature: the asterism, a rare phenomenon for which they show a star on their surface.

The star effect  is due to miniscule needles of crystal silk existing within the sapphire reflect light in several directions: there are of two, three or six intersecting bands, generally resulting in four or six rays.

Ideally, the star should be perfectly centered within the stone when viewed from above, and the star’s quality should be the same from all directions: the rays from sides of the cabochon should intersect at the top center of the stone; it is also important that these one are uniform in strength, bright, sharp, and clearly defined

The value and the price of Star sapphires depend on the carat weight of the stone and on its quality, for which the main factors are saturation, consistency of the body colour, visibility and distinctness.

Most star sapphires are opaque, but exemplary with high degree of translucency are more highly valued and sought-after by collectors.

About the colour, we can found Star sapphires in different varieties: blue, pink, red, etc. A red gem with star is often called a Star Ruby and not Star sapphire.

Some of the largest sapphires in the world are star sapphires and, due to their great nearness to the raw sapphire gemstone, than many other varieties of sapphire, they evoke a great connection to nature.

The star effect described added to the sapphires a mystical element and an appealing aesthetic. In particular  Star sapphires, being a truly rare and original stone, are often used to create amazing pieces of high jewelry, worn to show-stopping effect, or chosen to be the centerpiece of engagement rings.

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