My mother transferred me an endless passion for what we do,

and what we do is create, play with gemstones and pearls and shiny metal


We imagine a movement that gives life to a brand new jewel inspired
by very different things… mostly from the Natural World


We spend endless nights like this, her and me with our tray of stones, playing that game of ours,
the Game of Creation

One of us has an idea, the other tweaks it a little with a complementary and complicit gaze


In the end, something beautiful always comes to life


The next morning we will spend the day in the laboratory to define every detail with the master goldsmiths,

because so many manufacturing tiny details contribute to make that idea, first imagined and then drawn, alive and real in the best of ways…

Thus, it will arrive, precious and perfect, into the shopping windows and then in the hands of the one who will fall in love with it and will give it life for the second time by picking it among many. It will be finally worn with glee so magically similar to the joy that had driven us when we created it.