The d’Avossa maison’s signature jewels represent the refined world of Italian high jewellery. Unique creations of only unique pieces… Absolutely exclusive workmanship, soft and enveloping gold movements, the explosion of colours of rare gems combined in an unusual and harmonious way. And then the fancy diamonds in natural, warm and sunny colors set everywhere with the very special “star powder”.
Every detail makes these jewels a spell that is renewed in every piece. Discovering them is always an emotion.

It’s made from creations with a unique style, characterized by unmistakable workmanship that create a “saddle powder” effect of diamonds set in gold…

It is made by the passion and research of rare stones, magical in the infinite shades of color and a thousand cuts careful to enhance them…

He of the stones is an extremely fascinating universe, of which only very few gems are known. Nature, however, among its wonders, has created endless varieties. As if they were creatures with their own lives, each has its own characteristics that make it unique and special.

And often the creative process starts from there, from the gem around which comes to life a jewel with enveloping shapes, born to enhance that stone that is its inspiration.

It’s made of enthusiasm and creativity, of love for grace and the constant tension towards an always evolving Ideal of Beauty.

It’s made of a sensitivity and a taste that often lead to anticipating fashions Not infrequently the creators have created collections ahead of their time: the “scarves” in precious and semi-precious stones in a thousand colors, softly wrapped … the great Australian pearls, proposed when in the windows of jewelers the only pearls were the Japanese … the use of fancy diamonds, in many varieties of natural colors … These are just some of the examples in which Avossa has created creations that anticipated those that have proved to be true trends in the field of high jewelry.

It is made by “custom” creations. A d’Avossa jewel is often designed for a woman who wants something absolutely unique, designed for her… And it will be created to reflect her style, to enhance her personality and mood. It will be a creation that will come to life and will come into harmony with the woman who wears it.

It’s made of special moments. Every piece has its own story… whether it’s chosen for a particular occasion or is simply a purchase the result of an unplanned lightning strike, every jewel always has a story that stems from an emotion