Peau d’Ange Coral

The Coral value has changed over the years but today the most precious and rare type is the Peau d’Ange Coral.  

Coral is a marine origin material which since ancient times has been considered a “tree of the sea”.

The Peau d’Ange Coral (or Bokè Coral), name given by the particularity of its pink colour, is a precious type of Corallium elatius.

There are many varieties of coral, all over the world in every continent, ocean and sea, some more than others are famous, appreciated and sought after, and more or less exploited for beautiful works of art: Aka, Pink coral, Mediterranean coral, Sciacca coral, Peau d’Ange Coral and many others. We can make different Coral classifications based on: color, size, veins presence, rarity, cracks or friability.

This coral type lives in Japan, in particular we can find it in the islands of Hainan and Formosa in China, at a depth of about 250-300 meters, and near Hong Kong.

The Peau d’Ange Coral, very loved during the Art Nouveau period, is characterized by delicate shades, particularly appreciated for its elegance and refinement, to get noticed in a delicate way. Its colour, infact, is an extraordinarily compact pink, intense and slight at the same time: more the pink is compact, without spots, and more that piece is rare.

It is highly request for precious and special pieces of high jewelry and in particular it is used for cabochons, rings and earrings, rarely for necklaces. This choice is due to the difficulty to find large quantities of this coral, so it is rationalized to the maximum.

For this reason our Necklaces entirely in “Peau d’Ange” Coral, in different shapes and sizes, with details in gold and some Diamonds, are amazing and unique jewels, real collector’s items.

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