Melo Pearls

Melo Pearls (or Melo melo pearls) are gorgeous creations of nature. They come from the homonymous melo melo snail, also known as the Indian volute or the bailer shell, a particular snail that looks like coconuts and lives along coastal areas of Myanmar as well as Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

They’re very valuable because, while for example oysters can be cultured to create artificially pearls, for this specific and precious variety of Pearls there is not yet a cultivation with satisfactory results: every melo pearl found, infact, is grown naturally, without human intervention and this makes melo pearls all the more desirable.

They’re known for their stunning smooth, reflective feel much like porcelain, for the particular patterns that look like flames, visible on the surface of the pearl, and for the stylish, exclusive color, that enhances their value and their exotic allure. Infact, unlike the others Pearls, these ones is non-nacreous and their colour ranges from a pale yellow to soft orange even if sometimes can fade, especially if exposed to natural sunlight.

About the shape, are rarely found in irregular: typically they are perfectly spherical (there are obviously also irregular, baroque and button shaped pearls with less prominent flame structure; these varieties are characterized by lower values). Then, they are harder than traditional conch pearl and infact, for this reason Melo Pearls can last for several yaers if properly taken care of.

Like Diamonds, this particular variety of Pearls are measured in carats and not in millimeters like the others: we can found this pearls in a range of different sizes, with dimensions even up to those of a golf ball.

Given their scarcity and so extreme rarity, Melo pearls are a super value choice and they have become real collector’s items.